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Scudit can provide students with addresses of apartments available for the duration of their stay in Rome.
If you would prefer to stay in a hotel or in a self-contained apartment, ask us for help. We can recommend accommodation alternatives at reasonable prices.

Faqs on rooms




Rooms in private apartments can only be booked from the Sunday night before the start of the course until the Saturday night after course finishes.



  2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
Single room in apartment 
(shared bathroom and kitchen)

380 480 540
Bed in a double room in apartment. 
This option is only available for those who book with another person (price per person)

270 375 405

can also recommend hotels, pensions, or hostels for any budget.


If you need our help to book a room in an apartment, please make sure you let us know the exact time of your arrival in Rome. We will make sure that someone is there waiting for you, to show you the room, give you your keys, and answer questions.
We will send you the landlord’s mobile number, and make sure you send us yours as well, so as to avoid any problems in case of late arrivals or emergencies.